Who we are

Our objective is to be a long-term solution-provider and partner to our clients. We therefore attach great importance to:




Transparency and comprehensibility


Stability and entrepreneurial engagement

Impartiality in our investment decisions, as well as the disciplined and systematic implementation of our investment strategy.   Our investment activities are as transparent as possible and are based on a clear and comprehensible foundation of data. All investment decisions are process-driven and are made exclusively by the Investment Committee.   We offer stability, and a business-minded commitment to serving and caring for our clients. We have a very low turnover rate for both staff and management.


We strive for quality not only in our investments, but also in our own company. This applies in particular to communications, reporting, the availability of contact persons, consistent management, how Hérens Quality Asset Management is financed, and how our finances are structured.


Hérens Quality Asset Management was created in July 2017 by the merger of CE Asset Management AG and Hérens Partners Ltd. CE Asset Management AG was founded by Dr. Philipp Weckherlin and Markus P. Hepp in 2003, and is regarded as a pioneer in systematic quality equity investing with an international focus. In addition to regional and global strategies, since 2014 we have offered our clients highly concentrated global equity portfolios (Quality Top Portfolios) to enable us to target and leverage the quality factor even more effectively. These are built on the fact that quality can be seen as an independent factor alongside value and size. This has provided the foundation for our success since the company was born. With a 13-year track record in generating alpha, we have proven expertise in international quality equity investments. We are proud of our high analytical standards and of our own Research Center in the Latvian capital of Riga. Since 2008 we have also joined forces with academic partners to present the annual Corporate Excellence Award, which honors the best companies worldwide. In 2017, led by new partners Diego Föllmi, Dmitry Baulin and Dr. Andreas Mattig, CE Asset Management AG acquired Hérens Partners Ltd. Now merged, the companies operate as Hérens Quality Asset Management. This ensures the continuity of both the team and the products on offer. The merger also enables the continued independence and development of the CEAMS quality approach, while enhancing it with a greater depth of expertise in Asian equities and global consumer stocks. Hérens Quality Asset Management is an asset manager of collective investment schemes which is subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). It also holds a FINMA license to sell investment funds in Switzerland, and is exempted from authorization requirements by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany.


Partners and members of the Executive Management

Diego Föllmi

Dmitry Baulin

Arlind Isufi

Hérens Quality Asset Management Team

Markus P. Hepp

Dr. Philipp Weckherlin

Dr. Friedrich Schmitz

Heribert Marty

Robert Eichenberger

Arnold Davis

Martin Hüppi
Makiko Zürcher
Jelena Oleksejenko
Andrea Koop

Joschuah Ratheiser

Reto Moro

CE Services Latvia Team

Dr. Julija Bistrova
Janis Libeks
Andrei Tumanov
Sergey Kovalonok
Jelena Malikova
Jekaterina Pruceva
Kaspars Spare
Peteris Celms
Krista Erina