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Underperformance starts at the top

Underperforming CEOs are more common within the Energy and Financial sectors, followed by Materials and Information technology sectors.


Monthly Topic: Alternative Data

Technology is transforming investment management just like any other industry during the last few years and, to stay up-to-date, asset managers should increasingly put focus on enhancing their investment processes with data-driven solutions that could substantially improve their  results.


Quality of CSR along with Corporate Excellence

An investment product with a CSR add-on has become a must-have in the product line-up of asset managers, particularly in Europe.


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HQAM Global Quality Top 8 Portfolio

The Top 8 portfolio is a highly concentrated investment solution with long-term investment horizon that provides an excellent opportunity to invest in the best global quality stocks, selected according to the proven CEAMS  Quality approach enhanced by an additional growth criteria overlay and managed by an experienced and stable team.


Discover Japanese strong quality companies

The period of economic stagnation in Japan from 1991 to 2010, following the collapse of the country’s massive asset bubble, is often referred as Japan’s lost 20 years.


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Unexpected winners of the tech revolution

 The tech revolution has just started in some sectors and opens opportunities for labor-intensive businesses. So who stand to win from another mega-trend?


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